Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brockton Parents Mag Offers Tips, Advice

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—Beginning last Thursday afternoon, dozens of volunteers for Community Connections of Brockton began emptying the trunks of cars and backs of minivans at all Walgreens locations and placing the first of Community Connection’s Brockton Parents magazine—a free quarterly magazine offering advice and tips for parents with youngsters of all ages.
“It’s really exciting to give parents a voice in the community,” said Juliana Langille, the new executive director of Community Connections of Brockton--a non-profit that brings together parents, residents and others to better the community. (Pictured, front with student volunteers, left to right: Ashley O'Donnell; Kelley Correia, Janine DiLorenzo, and Christophanie Julien)
Langille said volunteers have delivered more than 4,500 of the free magazines to Walgreens pharmacies at all points across the city.
There are 500 more for any businesses who would like to have the new magazine on their counter or magazine racks.
Not only have volunteers delivered the magazines, Langille said all the information, articles, stories and pictures have been written or submitted by parents.
The first edition began to hit Walgreens’ stands Thursday afternoon after volunteers loaded the slick and newly printed magazines at Community Connections new office at 18 Perkins St.
Deliveries continued through the weekend, until nearly all of the first 5,000 were dropped off at each of Brockton’s Walgreens’ stores.
Now that the first issue for summer is on the streets, Langille and her volunteers are looking forward to the next issue set to be completed in the early fall.
Langille is always looking for more writers and contributors. She is also looking for businesses and organizations who want to help by advertising in the magazine or letting Community Connection place the magazine on a counter in their store or business.
Anyone wishing to volunteer or help out in any way can visit Community Connection's website at

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