Monday, July 4, 2011

Two Taken To Brockton Hospitals After West Elm Street Incident

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON--Two victims involved in what witnesses say was a car fire and a shooting on West Elm Street in Brockton have been taken to Good Samaritan and Brockton Hospital.
A woman who would not give her name, but said she lives near the corner of Revere Street and West Elm Street where police activity was centered, said around 11:45 p.m. Sunday, July 3 she heard what sounded like a gun shot and then a woman began screaming in the street.
She came out to see a car on fire and a man trapped in the car.
Police and fire personnel were sent to the scene after calls came in for a medical emergency, house fire and fireworks.
Brockton and State Police closed off the area from West Elm and Moraine streets to Doris Avenue and West Elm.
Other witnesses said it appeared there had been an accident involving a blue Ford 350pickup truck and another vehicle with the second vehicle igniting into flames.
Witnesses said a man who was trapped in the burning vehicle was freed from the wreck and raced to Good Samaritan Hospital.
Witnesses heard police say the man trapped in the burning vehicle has died.
Police and fire would not comment at this time.
Another victim was taken to Brockton Hospital where a group of 10 to 12 relatives and friends of a victim were congregated in the emergency room parking lot.
Members of the group said they didn't know what was going on and declined comment.
It is unclear which, or if either of the victims may have been shot.
One of the victims was transported to Boston Medical Center.
Witnesses said three people were detained by police and taken to Brockton Police Department and are likely involved with what appears to be a combination of events.
A blue extended cab Ford 350 could be seen on a sidewalk of Auna Drive across from a house at the corner of West Elm and Revere where police activity was centered.
The pickup's passenger side tire was blown out and the front end of the driver's side was partially on a sidewalk.
Plymouth County CPAC and a State Police canine unit were on the scene.
At the rear of a house at the corner of Revere and West Elm it appeared a vehicle drove onto the lawn, uprooted shrubbery or a tree, took out a fence and deposited the debris in front of a detached, two-car wooden garage.
The area held the smell of an extinguished fire.
While police were combing the scene shortly after an ambulance sped away, a woman in the house at the corner of West Elm and Revere began yelling at the rear of the house. Police grabbed a hold of her arms.
She struggled with police and said they were hurting her.
Witnesses said police wanted her to stay in the house, but she kept coming outside.
She was eventually handcuffed, placed in a police car and brought to the Brockton Police Department.
According to witnesses, the woman was the fourth individual police apprehended during the incident.
Police and fire officials have declined comment about the situation at this time.
At about 2:45 a.m. a young man wearing a long white T-shirt, long black shorts and his hair in corn rolls pulled up to the police blockade near the corner of West Elm and Doris and asked two State Police about the situation.
The man, in his 20s, upset and close to tears, put his hands together as if he was praying and begged police to tell him if it was his friend.
The man, begged, "please tell me he's alive, please tell me he's alive," saying he had heard something had happened and visited his friend's mother's house, but no one was there.
The man then asked twice if the victim involved in the incident was driving a black Acura. One of the troopers nodded his head, "yes."
The man broke down and cried, bending to his knees and covered his face with his hands.
He rose from the ground and began to walk shakily back to his car, obviously distraught.
The two State Troopers walked to either side of the man and put their arms around him and gave the man two shoulders to lean on as they walked him back to his car. As the man sobbed, the officers told the man to take a breath and not to drive away until he regained his composure.
The officers stayed with the man until he pulled himself together and drove slowly away from the scene.

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