Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Area Fire Academy Graduates Inducted

BROCKTON--Area firefighters and their families gathered Thursday, April 12 for an induction ceremony that included new firefighters in Brockton, East Bridgewater, Hanover, Abington and Needham.
Nine of the firefighters will begin work in Brockton.
Brockton's new firefighters are: Christian Bugbee, James Campbell, Charles Davis, III, Jason Gould, John Medairos, Corey Poudrier, Mario Rizzo, Daniel J. Santry, and Nathan Thellen.
Other firefighters inducted were, for Abington Fire, Christopher Cotti and Justin Silva.
For Needham Fire, Patrick Muir and Joseph Tierney.
For Hanover Fire, Joseph Pacella,
and for East Bridgewater Fire Michael Ryan. The ceremony was held at the Shaw's Center in Brockton.
(Photos courtesy James Rober)

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