Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 Face Federal Drug Charges In Brockton Heroin Ring Bust

The BrocktonPost
BOSTON--The U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston has confirmed 25 individuals living in Brockton, South Easton, Stoughton, Hanover, Dedham, Lynn and Somerville were arrested on drug and gun charges during a sweeping raid following a nearly year-long investigation into heroin dealing in Southeastern Mass.
“Today’s arrests should be a clear signal to those distributing drugs in our neighborhoods that the federal government is aggressively working with state and local law enforcement to track their movements, find their associates and close down their operations,” said United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz in a prepared statement.
According to the affidavit released by the U.S. Attorney's Office around noon Thursday following the raids,an investigation began around December 2009 into members of a large heroin distribution organization which allegedly was distributing significant quantities of heroin in and around Brockton.
Through court-authorized interception of wire communications, 10 telephones used by
members of a targeted narcotics trafficking organization were intercepted, including cellular telephones.
Investigators allege Miguel Fernandes, Jose Rosa, Iury Gomes and Justin Teixera, all of Brockton, were each large scale heroin distributors who had numerous heroin sources of supply, criminal associates and heroin customers.
According to the affidavit, the interceptions revealed that Rosa, Gomes, Fernandes and Teixera used the targeted telephones to receive and distribute in excess of one kilogram of heroin--an estimated street value of $55,000 to $100,000.
It is alleged that from June 2010 until November 2010, the following defendants
conspired to possess with intent to distribute and distribute an excess of one kilogram of heroin:
1) Tiffany Marie Andrade of South Easton
2) Claudio Araujo a/k/a “Lenny” a/k/a UM9889 of Brockton
3) Alessio Barbosa a/k/a “Alexio”, a/k/a “Alex”, a/k/a “A” a/k/a “Ace” of Brockton
4) Dany L. Brandao a/k/a UM6122 of Brockton
5) Nicholas Deangelis a/k/a UM1027 of Brockton
6) Emanuel Docanto a/k/a “Mandog” a/k/a UM4026 of Brockton
7) Miguel A. Fernandes a/k/a “Miguel” of Brockton
8) Ismael Figueroa of Lynn
9) Ivan Fonseca a/k/a UM3507 of Brockton
10) Iury Jandir Gomes a/k/a “Utes” of Brockton
11) Alector Goncalves a/k/a “JG” of Brockton
12) Tamara Hollis of Brockton
13) Carey Monteiro a/k/a UF6102 a/k/a UF1163 of Dedham
14) Elsio Monteiro a/k/a UM3005 of Brockton
15) Robert Parsons a/k/a UM8385 of Hanover
16) Emanuel Ribeiro a/k/a UM9458 of Brockton
17) Jose G. Rosa a/k/a “Jose” a/k/a “J” a/k/a “Big Poppa” of South Easton
18) Virgilio Rosa a/k/a “Turbo” of Brockton
19) Nine Silveira of Brockton
20) Gregory Stubbs of Stoughton
21) Timothy T. Tamulevich, a/k/a “Tiny” of Brockton
22) Justin A Teixeira a/k/a “Becky” of Brockton
23) Carla Vicente a/k/a UF2296 of Brockton
24) Catherine Watts a/k/a “Kate” of Somerville
25) Jason Mirand, of Brockton was also arrested and will face state charges of unlawful possession of a Class D substance with the intent to distribute in a school zone.
Jose Rosa, Fonseca and Deangelis are presently in state custody and will be
transferred to federal custody.
Special Agent in Charge Steven Derr said the arrests are an excellent example of various law enforcement agencies working together to rid the community of harmful drugs.
“This investigation is a great example of cooperative law enforcement between federal, state and local law enforcement targeting a heroin drug trafficking organization which is now out of business," Derr said.
Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said, “The streets of Brockton are
safer today as a result of these arrests."
Brockton Mayor Linda Balzotti thanked the numerous law enforcement agencies involved for their hard work.
“Urban communities have our challenges, but make no mistake, residents of this city are no less deserving of a peaceful quality of life,” Balzotti said. “We are not going to tolerate this kind of activity in our community. We will continue to remain vigilant," she said.
This investigation was part of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Group (HIDTA) which includes local, state and federal agencies.
The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney’s Ann Taylor and Leah Foley of Oritz’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. The state defendant will be prosecuted by Distrct Attorney Cruz’s Office.

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