Monday, February 21, 2011

Tragedy Brings New Friends To Brockton Family

BROCKTON--The Boston Globe has reported a roommate of a slain Brockton woman and her son found dead in a dumpster is being held in Ecuador by authorities there for allegedly using false travel documents.
Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz's office has not commented on the capture of Luis Guaman, who is wanted in Brockton for questioning regarding the murders.
Guaman, who Cruz has said has used other aliases including Antonio and Segundo Castro, is the last person to have seen 25-year-old Maria Avelina Palaguachi-Cela and her 2-year-old son Brian alive before they were found murdered in a Brockton dumpster Sunday, Feb. 13.
Funeral arrangements for mother and son have not been completed yet.
David Russell Jr., co-director of Russell Pica Funeral Home in Brockton said the wake and funerals have been delayed due to another family tragedy.
Russell said nephew Luis Gilberto Tenezaca Palaguachi, 25, of Brockton, died Thursday, February 17, 2011 at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford as a result of injuries sustained from a fall from a roof he was working on.
Russell said the family will likely hold services for all three family members sometime this week. Russell said he did not expect services to occur before Monday, Feb. 21.
He said arrangements are waiting on the release of Luis' body by the medical examiner.
Russell said international burial arrangements are usually not difficult on the local level. He said all that is needed is the right paperwork from Ecuador's consulate--a simple matter.
"The problem would lie over there," Russell said. "They have to be prepared to accept the bodies and often they are not," he said.
For more about the family's tragedy, please visit The Boston Globe.

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