Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Patrick Approves $327 Million Supplemental Budget

BOSTON--Statement From Alex Zaroulis, Director of Communications Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Governor Deval Patrick Monday approved a $327 million supplemental budget bill to maintain critical services through the remainder of this fiscal year for core safety net programs and to provide for unavoidable and unanticipated costs.
The supplemental budget Patrick approved Monday, April 11, 2011 provides $49 million for snow and ice removal deficiencies which were incurred due to an unusually harsh winter.
$14.2 million was appropriated to provide for ongoing operations at facilities that house disabled individuals.
In addition funding was provided to offset caseload driven deficiencies such as services to homeless families and to meet increased demand for food assistance for low income households.
The supplemental budget also contains funding for Patrick’s initiatives to prevent youth and urban violence, including $4 million for summer jobs in 2011 and $2.5 million for Shannon Grants.
Shannon Grants are targeted grants to prevent gang violence in communities with higher crime rates and youth demographics considered more at-risk for crime.
Patrick vetoed $104,000 for the Barnstable Sheriff’s office, determining that appropriating these funds is unnecessary for that department’s operations.
Finally, the bill provides for a $100 million deposit into the Stabilization Fund at the close of FY11.
This deposit and these critical supplemental expenditures are being funded from available resources.

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