Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warren Visits Brockton's Cindy's Kitchen

By Lisa E. Crowley BrocktonPost BROCKTON--Democratic Party senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren spent more than an hour Monday afternoon visiting with owners and employees of Cindy's Kitchen in Brockton during campaign stops that included Brockton, Abington and New Bedford. "It was great," said Cindy's Kitchen co-owner Eddie Byers, who with his wife Cindy escorted Warren around the company's plant. Warren aide, Alethea Harney said Cindy's Kitchen was singled out because it is one of the manufacturing success stories in the state. "We want to make sure the conditions exist for these type of companies to succeed," Harney said. Warren, a Harvard professor and consumer advocate, is running against Republican Senator Scott Brown for the seat in Congress. While Warren has competition in the Democratic Party, most believe she will be the party's eventual nominee.
For his part, Byers said he was happy, but unsure how Warren and her campaign heard about Cindy's Kitchen, a producer of all natural salad dressings, marinades, dips and sauces that ship to restaurants and wholesalers across the country, including Whole Foods, Costco, and Roche Bros. Byers, a Brockton native, who began operating in 1996 and in 2008 expanded the facility to its headquarters at Minuteman Way, (correction: Industrial Way) said he is not involved in Warren's campaign and only knows he was contacted by her staff members for a visit yesterday. Harney said during Warren's travels across the state they heard great things about Cindy's Kitchen and wanted to highlight a successful manufacturer as a part of a program to continue positive conditions for small business and manufacturing growth. Harney noted Cindy's Kitchen has grown from less than 50 employees, to about 100 today, and the company hopes to double by the end of 2012. "They're a success story," Harney said. Earlier in the day, Warren visited Cafe Arpeggio and the downtown business district in New Bedford. Warren then headed to Brockton and Cindy's Kitchen, followed by a stop at Martin's Bakery in Abington. (Photo caption: Top photo: Co-owner Eddie Byers shows Warren one of the company's specialty dressings. Second photo: Warren, center, talks with Cindy Byers, left and Eddie Byers, right. Photos courtesy Cindy's Kitchen/by Justin Kane.)

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