Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gun Waving Officer Terminated

By Lisa E. Crowley
The BrocktonPost
BROCKTON—A Brockton Police officer who allegedly waved a gun at two employees during a drunken night out in Newport, R.I., in October has been fired by Mayor Linda Balzotti.
“All I can tell you is that my decision was made based on the factual findings and recommendations of the hearings we held,” Balzotti said. “Officer Silvia was terminated on Nov. 18,” she said.
Officer Jordan James Silvia, 29, a resident of Fall River who had been on Brockton’s police force for less than 6 months before the Oct. 30 incident, has the right to appeal his firing to the Civil Service Commission.
According to Newport, R.I., police, Silvia and two other men went out for a night of revelry that ended in a confrontation between one of Silvia’s friends, 34-year-old Eric Santos of Fall River and two employees after the two employees asked Santosto stop urinating on an outdoor plant and leave the premises.
The situation allegedly escalated when Silvia pulled a handgun from his pocket and waved it at the chests of the two employees and told the pair they were the ones who should leave.
Silvia was arrested and charged with two felony counts of assault with a gun and one count of possession of a weapon while intoxicated.
Silvia, who could not be reached for comment, is expected back in Newport Dec. 9 for a pretrial hearing.

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