Thursday, December 16, 2010

Henry Family Resolution On Table Monday Night

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—When the City Council Finance Committee meets Monday to discuss a resolution asking for an independent investigation into the shooting death of Easton resident Danroy “DJ” Henry, at least one councilor will not be in favor of the move.
“I feel bad for the family and everything they are going through, but I don’t think it’s something the City Council should be addressing,” said Ward Two Councilor Thomas Monahan.
Monday night the City Council Finance Committee will meet at 7 p.m. to discuss a resolution presented by Councilor-at-large Jass Stewart that asks the City Council to support a resolution that would support the family of Danroy Henry in their attempt to have the U.S. Justice Department investigate the actions that led to Henry’s shooting outside of a bar and restaurant near Pace University where Henry played football.
Earlier this week 20 to 30 members of Henry’s family, including grandparents Woodrow Reese and Peg Dozier who live in Brockton, attended Monday’s City Council meeting when the board first heard the resolution and voted to move the item to the finance committee for discussion and a recommendation.
Stewart, who was in Texas this week, said he and the Henry family will return Monday to hear Monahan’s and other councilors’ opinions on the non-binding resolution.
The resolution was moved to the finance committee because all of the City Council members sit on the finance committee and not because there is any cost associated to it.
Stewart said some may believe the Henry family's situation does not have to do with Brockton or the City Council, but he notes Henry’s grandparents are Brockton residents and as a parent himself he understands what the family is going through and why they are requesting the support of area boards, and as a city councilor he has the chance to do something--even though it may be symbolic--to aid a family in its time of need.
“This is our chance to act,” Stewart said.
The resolution, which selectmen in Easton voted to support Monday night, asks the U.S. Justice Department to, “take over this investigation immediately and ensure that an independent and neutral investigation occurs and that all information uncovered is reported impartially and without prejudice.”
Since Henry’s shooting by police October 18 stories reported by Mt. Pleasant Police and witnesses have raised issues of what happened that night and the Henry family and their attorney Michael Sussman have publicly worried about tampering by Mt. Pleasant Police—who are not only investigating the shooting, but the actions of one of their own.
Some of Henry’s supporters have said the investigation by Mt. Pleasant Police is much like the fox guarding the hen house. Mt. Pleasant officials have denounced the allegations.
Stewart said a vote in favor of supporting the resolution is not picking sides between the family’s version of events that led to Henry’s death or the Mt. Pleasant Police.
Stewart said it is similar to the City Council’s decision to hire an independent auditor to review water bills that have been questioned.
He said the council could have voted to allow the water department review it’s own performance, but in the face of a preponderance of questions from residents opted to hire an outside firm.
“Is that picking a side,” Stewart asked.
On the other hand, Monahan said he believes the City Council is in a Catch-22, no matter what way it votes because they will look insensitive to the family if they vote not to support the resolution and if they do, politically it will seem as if the board has chosen sides.
“There’s nothing binding about this and I don’t think as a legislative body we need to be involved,” Monahan said.
Monahan said Stewart might have been better off bringing the matter up during a City Council hearing as a point of privilege and express his support rather than force a vote from the entire council.
“I’m not sure what this does for the family or anybody,” Monahan said.
Stewart said he disagreed.
“All the family wants is the truth,” Stewart said.

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