Monday, November 14, 2011

Gun Wielding Constable Due In Court

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—A South Shore constable who is accused of pulling a gun on a dead-beat dad at Trinity Catholic Academy is expected in Brockton District Court next month for a clerk's hearing to face charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and reckless endangerment of a minor.
According to court filings, Adam Loomis, 27, a constable in Scituate and Quincy, is scheduled to appear Thursday Dec. 1 at 2 p.m. before a clerk magistrate to address the two felony charges in connection with an arrest Loomis made with his father Jerold on the private Catholic school’s property.
Brockton Police Capt. Emanuel Gomes said it was the first he heard of the hearing and expects a summons to arrive soon.
However, he was surprised the matter has been scheduled for a clerk’s hearing and not an arraignment.
“That’s unusual for felony charges,” Gomes said. “Both are felony charges,” he added.
Court officials said the Dec. 1 hearing is not open to the public.
If a clerk decides the matter should move forward, documents and hearings in the case will then be open to the public.
Loomis is accused of endangering the children of George Haikal, who was dropping off his two sons at the school Oct. 11, when Loomis and his father Jerold moved toward Haikal’s car to arrest Haikal for back payment of more than $45,000 in child support payments.
Witnesses, including Brockton City Councilor Dennis DeNapoli who works at the school, have said Haikal’s vehicle jumped forward and Adam Loomis drew a gun from a holster on his hip in response to the movement and pointed the weapon at the windshield of the car Haikal was driving.
There were more than 100 students in the playground at the time and school officials immediately hustled the children into the building and locked-down the facility for about 10 minutes.
Brockton Police brought the two charges forward Oct. 21 after an investigation into the matter.
Gomes has said police concluded the vehicle’s lunge forward was not willful and there was no indication Haikal accelerated the car forward.
Following the incident, DeNapoli told Haikal was being grabbed by the neck and dragged out of the car by Jerold Loomis, while the son Adam was at the front of the vehicle.
Loomis’ lawyer, Glenn Hannington, could not immediately be reached for comment.
The December hearing is not the only issue Loomis faces in connection to the school incident.
Gomes said Quincy and Scituate have contacted Brockton for reports about the incident and may consider revoking Loomis’ constable license in both those towns.
Also, Gomes said, Rockland has inquired about the matter.
Adam Loomis lives in Rockland and his permit to carry a firearm is approved through that community.
Gomes said it is unclear what those communities will do, but he has forwarded officials whatever information has been asked for.
“They could revoke his constable license, or his firearms license in Rockland, or they could wait and see what happens in court,” Gomes said.

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