Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stewart Supporters Urge Mailing Rejection

There was a mass mailing of a political flyer with candidates for councilor-at-large expressing that they are against the power plant. On this card were the names Tom Brophy, Robert Sullivan and Kate Archard. Perhaps it was a typographical error or maybe the persons responsible for printing this flyer ran out of ink. However, Jass Stewart and Todd Petti’s names were omitted from this flyer giving the impression that Mr. Stewart like Mr. Petti is in support of the power plant.
Nothing could be further from the truth than to have them insinuate that Mr. Stewart supports the power plant. It is a fact that in the city of Brockton Mr. Stewart is a staunch opponent of the power plant.
We urge all voters to take a look at the whole picture and know that it is not in the city’s best interest to have Jass Stewart unseated due to tactics that unduly represent his position.
Please do not let their agenda deter you from giving Mr. Stewart your vote on November 8th. If you are concerned about your city, and most of us are, we need ALL voters to go out on November 8th and cast your vote.
Thank you,
Joan Madden
Harold “Bo” Marrow
Eugene Marrow

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