Monday, March 28, 2011

Coakley Urges Year-Round Party Involvement

BROCKTON—State Attorney General Martha Coakley, State Treasurer Steve Grossman, and U.S. Representative William Keating made appearances at the annual Jefferson-Jackson breakfast Sunday, March 27 hosted by Register of Deeds John Buckley.
The annual fundraising gathering of Brockton area Democrats featured the three state officials who spoke about the future of the economy and some of the things they have done to create jobs and protect taxpayers.
Coakley (Pictured with Water Board Commissioner Patrick Quinn) urged the 80 to 100 Democrats who attended the breakfast at the VFW, to be active and involved even though many, like Register Buckley may not be facing an election this year. “History is not inevitable. It’s what we make of it,” Coakley said.
Coakley lost a special election in Jan. 2010 to fill U.S. Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy’s seat to Republican Scott Brown.
Coakley went on to gain reelection to her current position as State Attorney General in November.
Coakley seems to have moved past the defeat to Brown—an election that drew media attention when Brown closed a wide gap to win the seat held by Democrat Ted Kennedy for 46 years.
“I have said voters told me twice last year they want me to be Attorney General,” Coakley said.

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